Land Transport Division


The Land Transport Division emerged out of several far reaching changes implemented in the planning period which started on July 01 2007. This was part of an Institutional Reform for MWTI reorienting the ministry to its new role as a body focused solely on policy and regulation of the transport sector, including new land transport and road safety policy functions.

Key Strategic Areas as per the Strategy for the Development of Samoa 2012-2016
  • Enforce construction standards for roads and drainage including pedestrian safety and climate resilience;
  • Integrate best practice climate resilience measures into the design and planning of all transport networks;
  • Ensure integrated development efforts with all other utility services.
Flood Mitigation & Drainage Sub-sector

Duties and Responsibilities of the LTD under the Flood Mitigation and Drainage Sub-sector

  • LTD acts as Chairman on behalf of MWTI’s Chief Executive Officer to facilitate and undertake monthly meetings of the sub sector;
  • To provide a “point of contact” of the Ministry to serve as the primary liaison with the parties; and
  • To establish the national network of public drains and provide details of that network to parties and;
  • To oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Komiti o Alavai;
  • To regulate the use and crossings of public drains; and
  • To establish regulations to allow effective management and maintenance of public drains located outside of the road reserve
Key Outputs & Strategies
Output 3.1

High quality National Road Programs (NRPs) are produced annually by LTA and reviewed and approved by MWTI effectively and efficiently.


  • Formulate, document and disseminate clear policies, procedures, schedule of activities and guidelines governing preparation and submission of annual NRPs by the LTA for each financial year. Amendments may be initiated by the MWTI on behalf of Cabinet, or by LTA;
  • Advise and assist LTA to produce NRPs that comply with the MoW Act 2002 as well as MWTI’s published guidelines and procedures;
  • Review Annual NRPs submitted by LTA and recommend to the Minister of Works Transport and Infrastructure areas where review guarantee;
  • Review official requests from LTA to amend the NRP where such a need arises to satisfy operational requirements for every financial year;
  • Initiate and undertake NRP amendments if required by the Ministry or Cabinet within the financial year
Output 3.2

LTA complying with operational standards and achievement of NRP targets and outcomes through performance monitoring by MWTI.


  • Develop and implement ongoing performance and monitoring of the LTA;
  • Produce, document and disseminate clear policies, procedures, timetables and guidelines governing periodic reporting by LTA to MWTI;
  • Review all periodic reports issued by LTA and either approve the reports, or issue corrective action requests as required;
  • Implement a program of technical and business process audits of LTA to monitor quality of LTA’s business processes and achievement of LTA’s NRP outputs against agreed targets and outcomes.
Output 4

Enhancement of Road Safety Awareness Programs and Control Measures in Samoa to reduce vehicle related accidents and injuries.

Output 4.1

Establish a Road Safety Committee and implement a five year National Road Safety Action Plan.


  • Provide leadership and secretariat support to establish a NRSC that will produce, promulgate and implement the five year NRSAP for Samoa
Output 4.2

Regulate and monitor land transport network in Samoa.

Output 4.2.1

Regulate and monitor the administration of regulations formulated under the LTA Act 2007 in accordance with the principal legislation.

Output 4.2.2

Review policy documents of the Land Transport Sector and initiate amendments to principal and relevant legislations where required.

Our Goal

To ensure that all land transport networks are safe for all road users and to meet demands of economic development taking into consideration the protection of the natural environment and enhancement of climate resilience.

Our Mission

To provide efficient and effective regulatory monitoring and evaluation to ensure efficient, cost-effective and sustainable integrated land transport networks for Samoa towards enhancing national economic growth development and connectivity.

Key Objectives
  • To establish, maintain and implement a policy framework for land transport that enables the Land Transport Authority to provide for a safe, efficient and effective national road network for Samoa;
  • To enhance road safety in Samoa and progressively reduce deaths and injuries from road accidents.
Key Legislative Mandates
  • Ministry of Works Act 2002
  • Land Transport Authority Act 2007
  • Ministry of Transport Act 1997
  • Public Drains Regulation 2007