Key Legislative Mandates

The Ministry of Transport Act 1977 sets out the key mandate for the MWTI. The Act under Section 4 establishes the functions of MWTI as:

  • To advise the Minister on the development of an efficient transport policy for Samoa
  • To undertake research into all aspects of transportation, including the economics of transport
  • To advise the Minister on investment in transport, with particular reference to priorities for Government and other expenditure

The MOT Act also notes that these functions cover all forms of transport whether by land, sea or air. The transport specific functions of the MWTI are legislated under the:

  • Ministry of Works Act 2002
  • Land Transport Authority Act 2007
  • Civil Aviation Act 1998
  • Shipping Act 1998
  • Samoa’s International Obligations: International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAD) and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Conventions, and other Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements
Additional Mandates and Policy Documents

In addition to its primary mandates listed above, other legislations and public policy documents have pnrticular relevance to the conduct of the MWTI functions:

  • Ministerial and Departmental Arrangements Act 2003
  • Public Finance Management Act 2001
  • Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Act 2001
  • Public Service Act 1977
  • Public Service Act 2004
  • Crimes Ordinance 1961
  • Public Service Regulations 1979
  • Cabinet Policy Directives
  • Statement of Economic Strategy
  • Treasury Regulations and Instructions
  • Manuals of Instructions