Transport & Infrastructure Sector Coordination Division

Primary Objective:

To ensure the effective and efficient planning and coordination of sector activities and projects.

Key Responsibilities:

1.Improve Sector Governance and Planning

2.Ensure the Successful and Effective Coordination of the Transport and Infrastructure Sector Plan

3.Improve Sector Capacity Building

World Bank Funded Project
Samoa Climate Resilience Transport Project (SCRTP)
Grievance Complaint Log-in System(GCLS)

The SCRTP GCLS is a freely accessible online Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) established to provide avenues to address project-related grievances associated with the environment, land acquisition as well as actions of contractors, and provides a tool to register and manage all grievance, relaying them to the appropriate party for resolution and advising the complainant of the outcome. Basic information of the project is available on the link if you need it.

Poloketi Faatupeina e le Faletupe o le Lalolagi
Poloketi mo le Tete’e atu I A’afiaga o le Tau I Auala mo Samoa (SCRTP)
Faamauina o Faasea ma Faagaulemalie ona o ni Aafiaga o le Poloketi (GCLS)  

O le SCRTP GCLS o se auala e fa’aoga ai feso’ota’iga fa’anei-ona-po I luga o upega-tafa’ilagi (Grievance Redress Mechanism) mo le fa’amauina o fa’aseā ma fa’agaulemalie I ni a’afiaga o le SCRTP I luga o le si’osi’omaga, a’afiaga o le fa’aaogaina ma le aveina o fanua mo le Poloketi, a’afiaga ona o ni tu ma aga a le aufaigaluega o lo’o faatinoina galuega o le Poloketi,  ma a’afiaga I luga o aga-feso’ota’i. E fa’aaogaina lenei auala e fa’amauina ai fa’aseā ma tapena ai ni fofo talafeagai. Mo le fa’amalamalamaina atili ma le faauluina o se fa’aseā, o’omi le auala o feso’otaiga o lo’o I lalo: