Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Service Division (CSD) provides support services to all Divisions of the Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure in the following areas:

  • Human resource development and management
  • Corporate administrative systems and Administration
  • Financial accounting and Financial Management
  • Internal Auditing and Investigation
Human Resource and Administration Section

The Administration and Human Resource Section of the Corporate Services is mainly responsible for coordination of the following functions:

1. Recruitment and Selection Process
2. Staff Training and Development Process
3. Grievance Management Process
4. Human Resource Management System
5. Performance Management System
6. Disciplinary Process
7. Personnel Management
8. Corporate Planning Process
9. Annual Reporting Activities to Parliament
10. Review of Organizational Structure
11. Records Management
12. Customer Services and Receptionist
Finance Section

The responsibilities of the Finance section needs to be more transparent and accountable so that their role, functions and outputs are provided at a high standard effectively and efficiently and in compliance with Accounting and Auditing standards as well as Governments guiding acts and procedures.

The Finance Section of the Corporate Services is mainly responsible for coordination of the following functions:

1. Compilation of Ministry Budget.
2. Provide reliable financial reports within a timely manner to assist output managers with their budget control and revenue collection.
3. Maintain a proper Debtors ledger.
4. Receipting and safeguarding of all monies received by the Ministry.
5. Financial Policies Development.
6. Chart of Accounts.
7. Payments Processing using the Finance One System.
8. Asset Management.
9. Stock taking and Inventory.
10. Work in Collaboration with the Audit Office, and Ministry of Finance in relation to audit for the Ministry.
Our Goal

To provide high quality financial, human resources and administration advices to enable the Chief Executive Officers , Management and Output Managers of the Ministry to manage their respective resources effectively and efficiently, and to assist in achieving their corporate mission and objectives.

  • Financial Management Act 2001
  • Public Service Regulations 2008
  • Human Resource Policies & Procedures 2003
  • Treasury Instructions 1977 with Amendments
  • Public Service Act 1977 with Amendments
  • PSC ACT 2004
  • MOT ACT MOW Act 2002 and MOT Act
  • Relevant circulars from Treasury and PSC plus Cabinet directives
  • Public Service Commission (PSC)
  • Customer Services Training
  • PSC Act 2004 & PSC Regulations 2008 Refresher Course
  • Recruitment & Selection Manual