Civil Aviation Division

The primary legislation governing civil aviation in Samoa is the Civil Aviation Act 1998 with the Civil Aviation Rules and Regulations 2000 as the secondary legislations.

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) is designated under the Act as the Civil Aviation Authority for Samoa, a role now with the Ministry of Works, Transport & Infrastructure (MWTI).

The Civil Aviation Division of the MWTI is tasked with enforcing the 1998 Civil Aviation Act, Civil Aviation Rules (CARs) & Regulations 2000 and advising the CEO on civil aviation policies to ensure Samoa complies with its obligations under ratified International Conventions, Treaties and Agreements.

Under its legal mandates, the Civil Aviation Division has responsibility for the safety oversight of all Civil Aviation Activities in Samoa, including:

  • Air Operations
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Airworthiness
  • Maintenance Organisations
  • Aerodrome Standards and Rescue Fire Services
  • Aviation and Airline Security
  • Air Traffic Services
  • Airport Telecommunication
  • Supply Organisations
  • Personnel Licensing
  • Monitor Samoa’s compliance with its obligations under existing Air Services Agreements
  • Facilitate the issue of Air Service Licenses
  • Maintain Samoa’s Aircraft Register
  • Facilitate the issue of Civil Aviation Certificates – Air Operator, Airworthiness, Certificated Organisations etc
  • Validate Foreign Pilot’s Licenses, Aircraft Engineering Licenses and issue Air Traffic Services Licenses
  • Facilitate the entry regulation of itinerant aircraft into Samoan airports

Air Services to and from Samoa are in accordance with the current Air Services Agreements which Samoa has entered into with other States. These have progressed from Standard Bilateral to Open Skies Bilateral Air Services Agreements with the advent of global deregulation and liberalization. These liberalized regimes are actively promoted by ICAO with member States relaxing normal government restrictions to allow airlines to compete on a more equitable and commercially driven basis. The third and full liberalized Air Services Agreement Framework of which Samoa is a Party of is the Multi-Lateral Agreement on the Liberalization of Air Transport (MALIAT).

The following civil aviation related Agreements or Treaties have been signed or ratified by Samoa, in chronological order:

Bilateral Air Services Agreement with Fiji
Signed: 7 February 1991

Bilateral Air Services Agreement with Australia (Open Skies)
Signed: 11 August 2000 (Apia)

Bilateral Air Services Agreement with New Zealand (Open Skies)
Signed: 22 November 2000 (suspended due to the MALlAT)

Bilateral Air Services Agreement with Tonga (Open Skies)
Signed: 18 August 2001 (suspended due to the MALlAT)

Bilateral Air Services Agreement with Cook Islands (Open Skies)
Signed: 18 September 2001 (suspended due to the MALlAT)

Multilateral Agreement on the Liberalisation of International Air Transport (MALIAT)
Acceded: 04 July 2002

  • New Zealand (Depository)
  • United States
  • Singapore
  • Brunei
  • Tonga
  • Cook Island

Bilateral Air Services Agreement with Niue (Open Skies)
Signed: 8 November 2002

Pacific Islands Air Service Agreement (PIASA)
Signed: 07 August 2004
Ratified: 12 October 2004

Pacific Islands Civil Aviation Safety and Security Treaty (PICASST)
Signed: 07 August 2004
Ratified: 12 October 2004

Our Goal

To ensure, through a structured development framework, Samoa complies with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (Chicago Convention), to enhance safety and security of civil aviation operations, activities and development in Samoa.

  • Civil Aviation Act 1998

Civil Aviation Act 1998

New Civil Aviation Fees/Charges
  • Fees/Charges Regulation Amendment 2013
  • Notice of Proposed Rule Making
    • Intention to Adopt New
  • Zealand Civil Aviation Rules as Samoan Civil Aviation Rules
    Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAA)
  • Pacific Aviation Safety Office(PASO)
  • Sacair Reporting Form
  • The Samoa Confidential Aviation Incident Report
  • Comprehensive Civil Aviation Rules (CAR) Reference
  • Civil Aviation Agreements / Treaty