About us

Our Vision

Ensure Safe, Secured, Sustainable and highly resilient Transport, Infrastructure and Development services for Samoa.

Our Mission

To strengthen the alignment of the compliance level of national practices with international standards for safe, secure, sustainable and resilient Transport, Infrastructure & Development services.


Civil Aviation

Regulates civil aviation activities and air transport operations.


Regulates all operational activities and transportation associated with marine and shipping in Samoa.

Land Transport

Monitors and regulates all Land Transport Services to ensure safe, efficient and effective national road networks in Samoa.

Policy & Planning

Provides the highest quality transport and infrastructure sector strategic policy, advice and plans to the MWTI and government in a timely manner.

Asset Management Building

Manages building permits and contracts for government building construction, and does inspections of building construction.

Corporate Services

Provides financial, human resource and administration advice and services to all MWTI Divisions and stakeholders.


Regulates civil aviation activities and air transport operations.

our management

Fui Tupai Mau Simanu

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lauano Yvonne Tuioti Mariner

ACEO Civil Aviation Division

Vaelua Sonny

ACEO Maritime Division

Sagauga Leilani Galuvao

ACEO Land Transport Division

Magele Faamaini Fotu Vaa

ACEO Corporate Services Division

Muliagatele Paulino Pania

ACEO Policy & Planning Division

Tilianamua Aloalii

ACEO Asset Management Division

Tauiliili Kalavini Maualaivao

ACEO Transport & Infrastructure Sector Coordination Division

Della Savaiinaea Siomia

ACEO Planning & Urban Management Agency Division (PUMA)

Kalameli Seuseu

ACEO Legal

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