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Our Vision

Ensure Safe, Secured, Sustainable and highly resilient Transport, Infrastructure and Development services for Samoa.

Our Mission

To strengthen the alignment of the compliance level of national practices with international standards for safe, secure, sustainable and resilient Transport, Infrastructure & Development services.



Civil Aviation

Regulates civil aviation activities and air transport operations.


Regulates all operational activities and transportation associated with marine and shipping in Samoa.

Land Transport

Monitors and regulates all Land Transport Services to ensure safe, efficient and effective national road networks in Samoa.

Policy & Planning

Provides the highest quality transport and infrastructure sector strategic policy, advice and plans to the MWTI and government in a timely manner.

Asset Management Building

Manages building permits and contracts for government building construction, and does inspections of building construction.

Corporate Services

Provides financial, human resource and administration advice and services to all MWTI Divisions and stakeholders.


Regulates civil aviation activities and air transport operations.

our management

Fui Tupai Mau Simanu

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Magele Faamaini Fotu Vaa

ACEO Corporate Services Division

Lauano Yvonne Tuioti Mariner

ACEO Civil Aviation Division

Della Savaiinaea Siomia

ACEO Planning & Urban Management Agency Division (PUMA)

Tilianamua Aloalii

ACEO Asset Management Division

Vaelua Sonny Brown

ACEO Maritime Division

Muliagatele Paulino Pania

ACEO Policy & Planning Division

Tauiliili Kalavini Maualaivao

ACEO Transport & Infrastructure Sector Coordination Division

Civil Aviation of Tonga 🇹🇴
Earlier this week, representatives from the Civil Aviation of Tonga paid a visit to the Ministry, meeting with Afioga Fui Tupai Mau Simanu, CEO and Secretary of Transport, as well as the Civil Aviation Division team.
The Tongan delegation consisted of Dr Vinolia Salesi (Director of Civil Aviation), Mr Peni Taimani (Senior Aviation Officer) and Ms Alilia Avemai (Assistant Civil Aviation Officer).
They are in Samoa to carry out inspections for Talofa Airways which has weekly flights to the Kingdom.
The delegation also met with the Samoa Airport Authority.
Avele College 100th Anniversary Celebration
Hon. Olo Fiti Afoa Vaai, Minister of Works Transport and Infrastructure welcomed the King’s Representative of the Cook Islands H.E Sir Tom Marsters on Friday the 7th of June.
The Minister met with the King’s Representative and his delegation in the VIP Lounge at Faleolo International Airport, who was invited as a guest for the Avele College 100th Anniversary that will be held this coming week.
Also present were members of the Avele College Committee in charge of the 100th Anniversary Celebrations.







Afioga Fui Tupai Mau Simanu, MWTI CEO, at the 5th Atoa o Samoa Executive Meeting currently underway in American Samoa 🇦🇸🇼🇸

Training & Achievements

2024 ICAO-ROK Fellowship Program A-1 Aviation Policy for Executives

10-14th JUNE; Cheongju, South Korea.

The 5 days course was hosted by the Korea Airports Corporation (KAC) and Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT). It was a chance for participants to learn about the future policy direction of the Korean aviation industry and Korean Major Airport Management strategies to assist in further developing of aviation policies in their own respective countries.
Attending on behalf of the Secretary of Transport and MWTI CEO, was MWTI ACEO and Director of Civil Aviation, Lauano Yvonne Talaitupu Tuioti Mariner-Viliamu, who presented Samoa’s country report.
The Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) provided training in accordance with the provisions detailed in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) State Letter ref. TC 2/3.38 (12/801) – 24/18 of 13 February 2024.
Medium to Long-Term Development Planning for Developing Countries

Seminar in Beijing, China.

Organized by the International Cooperation Centre (ICC) NRDC and held on the 29th of May 2024 to the 11th of June 2024.
The Seminar focused on creating initiatives for developing countries to secure developments in terms of making effective plans for the future.
The training’s dedication is about sharing China’s experience in the preparation of medium- and long-term planning with officials from various developing countries, and exchange the difficulties and challenges encountered by developing countries in the process of preparing medium- and long-term development plans.
Attendees from Samoa included Senior Urban Management Officer from the Planning and Urban Management Agency (PUMA), David Elisara and Policy and Planning Officer, Faithfulness Matagi.
Our attendance at this seminar underscores the importance MWTI places on medium to long-term planning for Samoa in the future.


The member state representatives of the Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO) gathered in Port Villa Vanuatu on 27th -31st May 2024 for the Organisation’s Annual General Meeting. This year’s meeting was significant as it was the first time that the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) attended, bringing their global expertise to the table.
Outside of the normal reports to the council, the upcoming Regional Aviation Ministers Meeting (RAMM) which will be held in May 2025 was among the important matters discussed. The RAMM has not been held in person since Covid struck in 2019.
To conclude the meeting, Samoa was re-elected as the Chair while Tonga and the Cook Islands were returned as the Deputy Chairs. Elections are held annually.
Representing Samoa was the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary for Transport of MWTI, Afioga Fui Tupai Mau Simanu, Principal Civil Aviation Officer of MWTI, Ms Venice Roebeck, and Samoa Airport Authority Manager for Legal Services, Namulauulu Elemesi Schmidt.
Onward and upward for Pacific aviation!


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