Asset Management Building Division

Building Permit Application Forms
  • Building Permit Application Form (English)
  • Building Permit Application Form (Samoan)
  • Compliancy Confirmation Form 1
  • Compliancy Confirmation Form 2
  • Building Permit Revised Application Form (English)
Building Permit Application Procedure
  • English/Samoan Brochure

The CEO and ACEO deals with matters regarding the implementation of tasks governed by the relevant building regulations (MOW Act 2002, NBC 1992 etc). Plan and administer special Government Building Construction Projects. Manage the Government Housing Premises and supervise all involved maintenance contracts.

  1. Ensure that all Buildings Constructions Projects complies with applicable regulations and standard
  2. Ensure the Management & implementation of Govt Housing matters complies with applicable standards and policies
Our Goal

To ensure that all the Building Structures in Samoa are sustainable and safe.

New Building Fees/Charges
  • New Building (fees & charges) Regulations
  • Asia Development Bank
  • UN-Habitat